Usage: Pallets are used to protect, store and transport goods


  • Pallets are used to load goods and products and move from one area to another. They help the product to be kept stable from moving so that the shape, size and quality of the product are optimally protected. At the same time, thanks to pallets, goods and products are easily transported.
  • Pallets are also used to list products stored in warehouses, etc. There are many uses depending on the purpose of use of each person.



– Following MM: 800mm x 1200mm; 1200mm x 1000mm; 100mm x 1200mm; 800mm x 600mm

– Following inch: 31.50in x 47.24in; 47.24in x 39.37in; 39.37in x 47.24in; 31.50in x 23.62in

Wood pallet made of Acacia, Pine and some other kinds of wood planted in Vietnam.
Defects Natural defects like piths, sap wood, knot are allowed. Pallets are not decayed or rotten, not broken
Cutting and sanding at one side or two sides depend on customers’ request. May be coated with natural oil.
Moisture 14% ± 2%
Volumne 1-10 x 40’ containers per month.
Packing Pallets, PP film


Pine pallets

Acacia pallet