Not only share profits with local suppliers, create satisfactory products but we also take trustworthiness as a top guideline in building relationship with all partners.


Viwood Asia always update customers’ expectation and make delivery on time.


Legal sources of wood material from planted forests and high product quality contribute most to our sustainable development.

Vision and Mission

Seeing opportunities at Free trade Agreements that Vietnam has joined in and enormous potentiality of Vietnamese wood processing industry, founders of Viwood Asia desire to develop the company into a leading supplier of Wood Pole; Garden; Home décor; Firewood in global market, bringing products made of planted forests to worldwide customers with brand-name from Vietnam.

We serve all customers with strong commitment to reputation and product quality.

Company profile

Main product line: Wood pole; Garden; Home décor; Firewood

Human resources

Viwood Asia gathers experienced leaders and managers in wood related industry, which is a key factor for the growth of human resources, both in number and quality. Officials and workers herein Viwood Asia are fully trained in wood related industry, affirming that all activities from sales to production are operated in a uniform and effective manner.

Major export markets

Major markets: Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, EU